Marie-France Samba

Personal branding and leadership strategist

Born and bred in Paris, spanning a successful career in the Press industry – working with the likes of Elle magazine – Music industry, Sony and Warner Music and marketing agencies; where she developed her communication, creative skills and gained self-awareness about her own personal brand and influence. She created her first business in 2009, a language Academy in Paris, before developing a passion for branding and influence in the entrepreneurial world. . As a leader in personal branding and influence, Marie-France is mission-minded, effective and highly dedicated to unleashing her clients uniqueness and passionately supports them to become leaders in their field through branding, speaking and networking strategies. Her belief is that we are our best business card therefore we need to stand out and dare to make the impact we know we’re here to make. Her proven signature program The Personal Brand Mastery Method™ has help women worldwide to grow their influence and businesses.

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