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Paris Talks Conference Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program

For the very first time, Paris Talks is running a Scholarship Program, which provides individuals from underrepresented groups of our society with support to attend the Conference.

We are very grateful and would like to say a big Thank You to the companies and individuals who donate to our Scholarship Program. In our 2019 conference, we’re willing to give away up to 80 tickets and we hope to be able to invite even more people in 2020.

Anyone from an underrepresented group of the society is invited to apply for a scholarship. We especially invite and welcome People facing economic or social hardships.

If you’ve always wanted to visit a UN agency or attend a world-class event where issues affecting the global and local spheres are covered but haven’t had the money or resources to, this is your chance! 

This Scholarship Program is made for you.

This grant is made possible thanks to the wonderful people that buy “Inclusive Futurist” Tickets, as well as the generous contributions made by our sponsors. 

More help is needed – talk to us if you’d like to get involved: or DM us on Twitter: @ParisTalks

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Be a part of the revolution in 2018.

Reach an exclusive and engaged crowd of futurists, decision-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, community leaders, entertainers and more

The Paris Talks Conference Will Reach Around 15 Million People in 2018.

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The Paris Talks conference will feature more than 10 innovative and influential speakers and entertainers. If you know someone who belongs on the Paris Talks stage, or if you believe you belong there yourself, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Please use our speaker application (and) recommendation form.

Become A Speaker
At Paris Talks, we’re looking for our own Mrs. Duncan and we believe it’s not late.

We strongly believe it’s not too late to have our own mentor.

Our belief in mentoring has always been solidified through our company culture (at Expats Paris). Listening and sharing. All this while learning something new and interesting everyday.

Become A Mentor
Paris Talks conference runs on the energy of our lovely volunteers who care about promoting user experience – and your contribution can help make the Paris Talks 2018 the leading platform for the exchange of ideas among futurists.

As a volunteer, you’ll be a vital part of our conference and help to write a welcoming and outstanding conference experience for over 400 delegates from all over the world.

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Be a part of Paris Talks Conference.

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