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Conservationists, oceanographers, ecologists and environmentalists, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, community leaders, entertainers, decision-makers, … will be congregating at Paris Talks to discuss environmental impact and predictions on the current environmental trends.

Of course, what comes into mind first could be the effects of the constantly increasing levels of global warming.

Looking into the future, whether global warming is going to worsen or not is something that can only be based on certain phenomena, trends and human activity.

Either way, however, Mother Earth will feel the impact at least by 2040.

As a result of the predicted population growth, masses of people will undoubtedly undergo unprecedented strain, and at least 40% of people will live in areas with low water resources.

Without major strides in combating global warming, we could see wars and conflicts over increasingly limited food and freshwater resources resulting from enormous shortfalls in crop production and uncontrollable rise in sea levels respectively.

Although global warming is predicted to worsen if no substantial measures are put in place, most innovators and information technology experts think otherwise.

For example, it is predicted that Google Earth and similar services could potentially turn everyday dwellers into responsible ocean conservationists.

The UN predicts that there will be over 9 billion people in the planet by 2050, up from the current 7b.

Predictably, this will lead to massive developments in recycling technology to ensure that all goods recycled maintain a high value.

What would some of the developments be?

As a matter of fact, there is no environmental forum that does not cover energy.

Let us face it!

While there is a need for clean renewable energy, we all agree with the fact that there is a need for cheaper energy solutions.

In 2050, the world will use 80% more energy than it does today.

The balance will still be between fossil, renewables and nuclear energy.

The Organization for Economic Empowerment and Development predicts a crowded, hot and fuel-deficient world at the time.

A bigger population means more energy consumption. This will directly result in at least 70% and 60% carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions respectively, directly correlating to a 3-6°C rise in temperature.

Are there actions that can be put in place to mitigate this?

That remains to be seen when conservationists, environmentalists, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, entertainers,... meet in France for the Paris Talks.

Today, contaminated water and poor sanitation are the major causes of premature immortality across the world. In the next 3 or so decades, air pollution will overtake the two and immortality will rise to about 3.6 million deaths a year.

Again, a major chunk of power production could be sourced from solar energy due to its cost-effectiveness.

However, geothermal and hydroelectric power will provide a fair share of the world's electricity demand. The Paris Talks ideas festival comes at the most opportune time as together as a community will have a chance to chat the way forward.

Every year, Paris Talks attendees always hear talks and discuss major environmental predictions and strategies for mitigating the possible effects.

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