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Humans, Community, and Religions.

Several topics are bound to come up at the Paris Talks 2018 global conference in Paris, France.

Among them will be the trends and predictions on community, human behavior and religion.

For many futurists, there is definitely going to be a time when the human race will spend most of their time underwater. Probably endlessly fishing for seagulls, racing on seahorses, or just riding on buses steered by whales.

That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

The influence of technology on the human race cannot be ruled out.

According to the current trends, technology will make disadvantaged populations more knowledgeable, vibrant, motivated and empowered. This is difficult to call, but would today's Syrian or Somali refugees be the MDs and CEOs of 2050?

The decade could see a world that is more prepared for all populations in the move and the emergence of new democracies. should focus on to determine the future of the industry.

Talking of democracies, the test of time will put its weight on the checks and balances which were the basis of Western democracies which may, in turn, present the greatest danger to Western democracies.

What is the future of the unrest in the Middle East? Hard to tell, but future conflicts and divisions around the globe cannot be ruled out. Insufficient resources, as well as divisions on religious and ethnic lines, may also lead to conflicts and civil wars.

However, are we likely going to see more riots and conflicts in America, Europe, Australia, and peaceful parts of Africa and not the conflict-prone Arab world and the Middle East

Again, according to Rockefeller University research, it is predicted that by 2050, more people will be living in urban areas than in rural area.

This may be true, but are we able to look into the challenges that this will bring you humanity?

Food for thought!

It is also predicted that the world will have a larger number of older populations. But with an alarming decrease in age mortality and poor diet, what would be the reason behind this? It probably will be advancements in medicine and vaccinations but all these will be put on the table for discussion in France.

As a person, I have witnessed a lot of change in the world's religious profile, you have probably witnessed more.

This is driven by a number of demographic factors and the fact that people have continuously opted to switch faith. It has therefore been predicted that by 2060, the number of Muslims will almost equal the number of Christians while that of Buddhists will remain almost what it is today.

However, Jewish and Hindu populations will be more than what it is today and there will be a downfall in the number of atheists, agnostics and non-affiliates despite their rising numbers in France and the US currently.

You may also want to ask yourself what the future has for Judaism, right?

Religion has changed a lot over the years. As a matter of fact, we are bound to witness a lot in the next couple of decades or so.

The Paris Talks present a vital opportunity for us to make presentations on the future of the world in relation to religion and interactions between communities and people.

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