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Scientists will not be left behind at the Paris Talks conference in France.

In fact, science and technology are core towards shaping the future of the world and its inhabitants.

Most probably, by 2030, science will be capable of moving humans towards the Red Planet and eventually discovering and exploring the life of aliens.

Moreover, science will help us to solve teething questions about life on planet earth and improve the practicality of life.

The last decade saw the largest of a number of amazing scientific revelations.

Although sufficient proof has been presented for most of the revelations, there is a need to provide evidence for the approval or disapproval of many others. Let's start with the fixation on the existence of flying cars in the future or maybe riding an elevator into space has been predicted in the past.

Scientists have discovered a continued transformation of the entire Solar System and its interstellar surrounding. The transformation is as a result of the constantly expanding sphere of influence orchestrated by super-intelligent artificial entities that now dominate the Earth.

Over the years, there have been speculations about the presence of water, and probably life, on Mars. This has never been conclusive since even with the most sophisticated telescopes, not enough detail can be seen on Mars.

However, could there be trips to Mars in the near future?

We cannot say this now, but it will definitely be a 2018 discussion particularly when scientists, environmentalists, artists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs,... congregate in Paris, France.

Let us talk about the World of Science and Computers.

Scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil made amazing predictions.

According to Ray, computers will be as intelligent as human beings or even more.

More interestingly, non-biological intelligence will subtly be integrated into the human body to enhance human intelligence and computational power.

Well, these devices will not only surpass the human brain but also simulate advanced human consciousness.

This is amazing, right?

This sounds out of this world and is possibly the craziest prediction of the century.

Bioscientists have predicted the possibility of using 3-D bioprinting to print transplantable human organs. Vertebral discs and skin have already been printed and transplanted on animals successfully.

How it happens to men is something worth research and dedication. As they put it, this will not happen in the 40th century but possibly in a couple of decades.

Again, when it happens, scientists claim, they will be able to print an entire "human being" or whatever name you decide to give it.

Well, how would we deal with the environmental changes and rising sea levels?

Belgian architects and scientists suggest that refugees of climate change would not have to flee flooded residential areas to higher areas.

Instead, these people would find residence in "floating cities." The cities would have up to 50,000 inhabitants, aquatic gardens, desalination plants and solar, wind and wave power. Better still, the cities would be fitted with advanced titanium dioxide skin to absorb carbon dioxide and in turn reduce global warming!

The Paris Talks 2018 conference gives scientists a golden opportunity to contribute towards fixing the future of the world as a whole.

Applications is open for scientists to participate and make presentations in the conference.

Businessmen and women entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, and scientists from all over the world usually attend this conference hence a must-attend for futurists and science enthusiasts.

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