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Art and Design

Time after time, it becomes both fun and a necessity to think about what lies ahead.

The creative industry is rapidly experiencing remarkable change.

Therefore, to stay up, we must explore and predict the possibilities in the next year, decade or even century.

Well, do you belong to the industries of advertising, fine art, collection, design or any field that ultimately aims to match the best opportunities with the right creative talent?

Going by the trends and the effect of technology on art and design, a lot of topics will come up at the Paris Talks.

Basically, these will not be restricted to the current trends in art and design but will also cover future predictions in a bid to maintain relevance.

As a matter of fact, virtual reality, augmented reality, flexibility, mediation, user testing and collaboration, risk-taking and new-age storytelling are factors that designers and other industry players should focus on to determine the future of the industry.

To start with, we all agree that the future of creative productions relies on discovering and harnessing great talent from all corners of the world.

While resources of doing this in the past were highly limited, the change in the industry has now seen creative professionals rely on the web or online networks for inspiration, clients, distribution, feedback and all the other parts of the creative process.

A few years ago, graphic designers were the real hit in the industry.

Then came the UX designers but they will definitely not stay forever as there is the possibility of the rise and relevance of avatar programmers, artificial organ designers and fusionists.

Our work is, therefore, to explore possible opportunities in human-centered design that encompasses comprehensive research, interaction and codes to solve more social problems.

That notwithstanding, a lot of the predictions in the industry still remain topics for discussions or mere speculations.

As we move forward, for example, there are jobs that will not be possible with automated video services.

These will be jobs that require more advanced artistic sensibilities and deeper problem-solving skills.

What will be the fate of 3D and 2D animations and the future of digital content?

This zeroes in on the need for writers, creative professionals, art directors, designers, scholars and researchers to look into the trends and predictions on craft skills, art and design careers, evolution and use of color, illustration and identification of art and multidisciplinary interactions.

Enough about digital content!

Don't you think that the mode of collecting antique art and jewelry is bound to change?

We could have more private display galleries and mirrored art fairs among other changes.

Alternatively, we could move from Buddhist objects, ancient coins, antique furniture, jewelry, and paintings to more modern art, decorations and drawings.

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