Alice Flacco

Lawyer, General Counsel

Alice is the Executive Vice-President Legal and General Counsel of an international healthcare firm, admitted to the Bars of Rome and Paris, and eager arts lover and painter.

Passionate about the intersection between animal and human behavior and dedicated to her therapy dogs, she blends legal expertise with creative and empathetic insights, embodying innovative and compassionate leadership.

In an era craving genuine connection and understanding, Alice will take the Paris Talks audience “Beyond the Leash”. It’ll be a groundbreaking exploration of how animals, particularly therapy dogs, inspire a new understanding of care.

Come discover how lessons from our four-legged friends can revolutionize empathy and leadership in our personal and professional lives, leading to a more compassionate future.

Who Should Attend: Alice’s talk is designed for leaders, professionals, and creatives across all industries who seek to deepen their understanding of empathy and leadership.

Animal lovers, therapy dog handlers, and anyone curious about the enriching lessons our pets offer are especially welcome.