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A Brighter Future


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Every year, since 2018, more than 400+ future-trends enthusiasts and thought-leaders meet in Paris (France) for a full day of inspiring and disruptive talks, ideas, networking opportunities, and learning about ways to imagine and design a brighter collective future.

Ideas Festival For a Brighter Future.

What do you get at Paris Talks?

Inspiring Speakers

Paris Talks is an ideas festival done in the form of short, powerful, inspiring, and disruptive talks and entertainment from experts and future-trends enthusiasts from many sectors.

World-class Ideas Festival

With more than 40+ nationalities represented, the Paris Talks ideas festival caters to everyone that wants to hear and learn about provocative, disruptive insights, promising new ideas and approaches on how to deal with some of the world’s toughest current and future challenges.

Networking Opportunities

Paris Talks is a world-class gathering connecting people and ideas that change the world, making it brighter and better.

Level-up Your Skills

Paris Talks is more than just a conference. Attendees are usually challenged to look at the Future of Humanity with an unconventional eye. They also learn different ways to improve their capacity of inventing a better future for themselves and the coming generations.



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