They've Given A Talk On The Paris Talks Stage

Founder and CEO at Affordable Yoga & Fitness
Innovation Evangelist & Vice President, SAP
Political Leader & Social Innovator
Writer & A Paris-based influential Journalist

Nicola AYOUB

Paris-based Franco-American Dancer & Choreographer


Executive Director of Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies

Jean-Marie COLLIN

Writer & ICAN France spokesperson & Arctic research


Comedian & Producers of Luke’s English Podcast


International Performer & Educator


Executive Director Fondation CHANEL

Pierre-Etienne Franc

Writer, Environmental and Energy Transition Innovator & Vice-President of Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Sonia Ben Ali

Social Innovator, Co-Founder and CEO at URBAN REFUGEES


Scientist, STEM Innovator & Women In Science Advocate

Stefania Giannini

Assistant Director General for Education at UNESCO

Meghan Rutigliano

Associate Director of the Regional Network at Burning Man
Senior Programme Leader of the International Energy Agency

Yul Bahat

Cyber Security Expert and Co-founder at Securitude
Futurist & Former Head Of Foresight at Unesco
Professor of Economics and Political Science, INSEAD
Chief of Higher Education Section, UNESCO
Franco-American artist and comedian based in Paris
based in Paris Connie-Lee Bennett International Keynote Speaker & Founder of Meraki Therapy
Entrepreneur and Founder at Payline Holding LLC.

Ramesh Caussy

CEO & Founder of France-based Partnering Robotics

Maeva Botrel

Co-founder of Sextechlab

Diya One

100% French Robot That Wishes Us Well By Partnering Robotics
Innovation Evangelist & Vice President, SAP

Denise Silber

Digital Health Trendspotter & Founder of Doctors 2.0 & You, Digital Health for all

Murielle Diaco

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of DJOUMAN

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