Paris Talks is just around the corner in 2024 to get us all thinking about building a brighter future.

That means it’s a good time to learn about some of the great local organizations dedicated to the same mission.

Here are some of the great local businesses and organizations (and even citizen-driven movements) helping to create a greater future, for the environment, for society, and for us as individuals. These organizations are directly involved in the act of caring.

For a more informed orientation toward the future

Mr. Mondialisation (Mr. Globalization)

Mr Mondialisation is a 100% independent think tank and media. He is also a symbolic and intellectual figure with an eco-humanistic and decreasing orientation. Represented by a Bauta, its objective is to fuel the debate on the major issues of our time.

Mr. Mondialisation wants to be an adogmatic entity, particular and hermetic to the theories that are not motivated by reason. Together with his team, he leads a critical informative watch on the dogmas of consumer society and the myth of “infinite” growth.

Institut des Futurs Souhaitables (Institute of Desirable Futures)

An open and hybrid school, the IFs offer these benevolent and caring volunteers creative weapons to help build this new world.

In this singular period of metamorphosis, we have the unique opportunity to imagine tomorrow by the standard of what could be the best. The Institute of Desirable Futures (IFs) addresses all those who want to seize this opportunity to invent a more desirable world.

For daily living that protects the future

Acteurs du Paris Durable (Actors for a Sustainable Paris)

Created by the City of Paris, the Sustainable Paris Actors initiative aims to identify, disseminate and multiply the best environmental practices implemented in Paris. The objectives: improving the ecological footprint of the territory and the quality of life in Paris.

For whom? Individuals, businesses, associations, schools, artists, etc. Everyone can get involved! Are you already committed to sustainable initiatives or do you want to get involved? Make yourself known: share your experience to make others want to get involved: create a profile on and join or contact other members of the network. To read on the website: practical factsheets for taking action, an agenda full of activities and meetings, news, interviews, and Parisians who make the lines move. We are waiting for you!

Toits Alternatifs (Alternative Roofs)

Roofs Alternatives is a site for all those who want to live differently. It includes practical tips, testimonials, videos, and podcasts on subjects like tiny homes, Earthships, cohousing, camping cars, and installing solar panels.

For a better business & entrepreneurial future

Le Mouves

Le Mouves federates and represents social entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have a vision, take risks, develop and innovate, and manage teams. Entrepreneurs are motivated above all by the general interest, for whom profit is a means and not an end in itself. Entrepreneurs who share equitably the wealth they create.

Dispersed, compartmentalized, and isolated, social entrepreneurs are not yet able to mobilize public opinion, influence decision-makers, and make their practices and solutions visible. Together, they can be stronger and more audible. They can act to change the situation. This is why Le Mouves was created, in line with the White Paper to develop social entrepreneurship (Avise, 2009).

Une Monnaie pour Paris (A Currency for Paris)

Why develop a local currency in Paris? A lever to regain control of our economy. A tool for transition to a more sustainable economy. A way to rebalance our territories and preserve our local identity. A vector of social bonding and equity in our economy.

For a better environmental future

Paris Sans Voiture (Paris without Cars)

In August 2014, we proposed this crazy project to our mayor and it was the beginning of a great adventure. This day was designed to share public space differently. Pedestrians and scooters can venture upwind without fear of being run over, and motorists are encouraged to change their practices for a more breathable day.

Rediscover our less stressful city, without the ceaseless noise of engines, a city in which we can meet and communicate better. Imagine the city of tomorrow, a city with positive energy where the inhabitants can reclaim urban space, during a CO2-free party. A city that wants to move resolutely turned towards a healthier and more humane future.

Article 1

Founded respectively in 2004 and 2005, Frateli and Passeport Avenir were created based on the same observation: Social inequalities and discrimination weigh heavily on young people from working-class backgrounds. Many talents are hindered (or hinder themselves through self-censorship) in their choice of orientation, their academic paths, and their access to employment. Guided by common values ​​of justice, equality, fraternity, and freedom, our two associations have developed programs over time that rely on the same principles: forging connections and organizing meetings between these young people and volunteers from the professional world, eager to share their knowledge and commitment.

For a future with a more meaningful social connection

Paris MeetUp Groups

Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities. How it works: Choose what you’re into. Meet up with people that share your passion. Do more of what makes you tick.

Facebook: see individual groups & events on the website

CouchSurfing Paris

Couchsurfing is a global community of 14 million people in more than 200,000 cities who share their life, their world, and their journey. Couchsurfing connects travelers with a global network of people willing to share in profound and meaningful ways, making travel a truly social experience.

We envision a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection. Couchsurfers share their lives with the people they encounter, fostering cultural exchange and mutual respect. With Couchsurfing, you can stay with locals in every country on earth. Travel like a local, stay in someone’s home, and experience the world in a way money can’t buy.

Have other suggestions of forward-looking organizations to add to this list? We just may add them to the list.

A full day of future-oriented learning, networking, and entertainment awaits at the Paris Talks ideas festival. Get your tickets now and we’ll see you there to envision and build a brighter future together!

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